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The Energy Diamond

Energy Diamond

To achieve mastery in Life and Work, the relationships between 30 related 'World' skills or 'energies' must be harmonised. In 2005, scientist and business coach, Jazz Rasool, arranged this family of energies into a diamond shaped grid, an 'Energy Diamond'. The diamond shaped grid is seen in the centre of the Energy Diamond logo.

For thousands of years, across the world, anyone who developed harmony between these energies and understood how to align to the laws of creation and human nature came to be recognised as a true 'Master'.

For a given set of life or work circumstances the Energy Diamond Coaching system triggers and establishes the harmony needed for self-mastery. This allows a person to start on the road to realising all their potential and maintain their resilience during their journey.

Energy Diamond Coaching

Jazz integrated elements of Western Psychology, Lifestyle applications of Quantum Physics and traditional Eastern personal development principles from Arabic, Indian, Chinese and Tibetan cultures. The result was the Energy Diamond architecture of mutually supporting energies.

This family of resonant energies forms the working substance of traditional self-mastery techniques. The energy architecture is also behind the innovative 21st century approaches at the heart of the Energy Diamond Coaching system and the Energy Diamond Consultancy services and products.

Between 2008 and 2010, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) diagnostic tools, Atmascope and Atmascape were developed by Jazz after his research with hundreds of clients reported an average rating of 84% accuracy in profiles and in the mentoring that followed to help them to move towards their purpose. This research created an extensive evidence base that showed clients gaining self-mastery as well as mastery that could be passed on to others.

The Atmascope and Atmascape

Atma is a word that comes from the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit and means 'core', 'essential' or 'true' self.

An 'Atma-scope' is an instrument for looking into the landscape of the true self.

An 'Atma-scape' is the image obtained of the true self's landscape by looking through the Atmascope.


Jazz Rasool
Creator of Energy Diamond.

Jazz is a Business Coach and set up Energy Diamond Consulting after many years experience in high-level executive coaching.

Jazz graduated with a degree in Physics in 1992 and a Masters degree in Molecular Biology in 1993, both from the University of London. He went on to teach for many years on the physics behind mind-body medicine and the biology of the human mind, delivering training in Europe, the USA and the Carribbean.

In 2000, after training with several Masters in Eastern Medicine and Martial Arts, he went on to train existing practitioners into fully fledged instructors. A strong focus developed in treating patients with stress and hormone related disorders as well as clients with issues around motivation and empowerment.

From 2002 his work led to new best practices in Stress Management and Performance Coaching that were applied at the HELP counselling centre in London run by Richard Branson's Virgin Unite Foundation. He also worked with diplomats and executives at the United Nations in Switzerland, with celebrities in Hollywood, executives and staff in BT and with the board and international directors of Unilever at their Vitality themed Rebranding in 2004.

Although Jazz was creating elements of Energy Diamond as far back as 1989, he organised the Energy Diamond components into a holistic system of coaching in 2005, developing them into web based AI tools in 2008 and Virtual Reality/Metaverse applications in 2014.

Jazz currently works with the Global Institute for Extraordinary Women (GIFEW) where women executives apply Energy Diamond approaches in their practices and businesses, especially in helping clients with their goals and energies.

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