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Get FREE maps and images like those on the right hand side of this page. These are 'satellite image' views of your Life's current landscape.

Professional Report Available

  • What your path and purpose are in Life
  • If you're lost in Life, what your Life's 'GPS' is.
  • Where your Life's unmet Challenges and missed Opportunities are and where you're doing fine.
  • Where your energy is being hijacked by your past worries and future concerns.
  • Where your life is in 'flow', where it isn't and how to bridge the gap.

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This Profiling System is driven by the
Atmascope Logo

Atmascape Logo

Atmascape's most significant benefit is helping you to

  • find the right energies to complete your goals
  • find the most useful goals that make best use of your energies.

An Atmascape is like a

  • Radar for your life, scanning your life's environment for the challenges and opportunities you need to address for fulfilling your Life's purpose.
  • Sat Nav for a car ..except it's for your Life.
  • CATSCAN or MRI in that it reveals a picture of whats going on inside your life and how your choices have shaped you.
  • Traffic light system.
    • Red areas are places to Stop and address the challenges of your life.
    • Yellow/Amber areas are places to be Careful and Cautious in your actions.
    • Green/Blue areas are where you have the security and Go ahead for your plans.

Atmascape shows you..

  • A high-altitude view of your Life's Landscape and the route your Life's journey is taking you along and where it is taking you-even if you don't know yourself.
  • A visual 'X marks the spot', 'You are here', on your Life's image that shows where you currently are in your Life's journey, your Life's 'Current GPS'.
  • A picture of your Life's 'landscape' showing where your strength 'Peaks' are and where your weakness 'valleys' are.
  • Not only your geography but also the geology and ecology of your inner world, highlighting where your 'challenge deserts' and 'opportunity rainforests' are as well as patterns of internal climate change that are happening-your 'internal weather'.
  • 'Geological surveys' that highlight hidden fuel reserves in your life that you may be unconscious of.
  • Unusually it shows where your weaknesses can serve you and also where your strengths might not.

Atmascape in 2D

Life SatNav3D

Atmascape in 3D
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Atmascape Radar view of
Personal Space


Atmascape scan of
Energy locked up in
Past Issues, Future Concerns
and remainder left for being
engaged with the Present.

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